Our school empowers students to organise themselves for daily school life by giving them the tools they need to succeed. Students are able to become independent, confident learners, which sets them up to navigate the complexity and challenges of the modern world.

This page is specifically for students currently enrolled at Trinity Catholic College and contains material thought useful by our student leaders and the student body, as determined via student voice initiatives. Be sure to check in regularly for college updates.

Leadership at Trinity Catholic College has always been held in the highest regard. I can recall my junior years when I use to look up to the captains and admire them in awe, they were my role models and were the reasons behind some of my most impactful decisions in high school.

Now after going through many pairs of school shoes, Clarks, Roc and the OG Target brand, me and my fellow SRC have now been fitted into our leadership shoes. And the love that has been neutered from having Trinity as our second home finally becomes one of our responsibilities.

In our shoes, you will be often running to our SRC PC meetings, where we are constantly brainstorming and organising ideas for events to make the student life here at Trinity as engaging and enjoyable as possible.

You will also be frequently visiting the religious coordinator’s office to prepare for mass and be arriving at the break of sunlight to set up early at our swimming and athletics carnivals before the crowd arrives. However, beyond the physical, our goal is to make a connection with each and every one of our community members, to be that person who encourages you to try something you never thought of or to be there when you need advice…

We want to leave a legacy.