The leadership and management of Trinity Catholic College is the responsibility of the executive team. This group consists of the principal, assistant principal, Religious Education Coordinator (REC), director of studies and two campus directors. One campus director is responsible for the Regents Park campus, while the other is responsible for the Auburn site.

The principal, assistant principal, the REC, the director of studies and all coordinators of Key Learning Areas (KLA)spend time on both campuses.

There is a pastoral coordinator for each year group who takes primary responsibility for the welfare and progress of those students. An assistant pastoral coordinator and a team of pastoral care teachers assist the pastoral coordinator in this role.

Principal Mr Daniel Delmage
Assistant Principal Ms Donna McLaughlin
REC Mr John Coppola
Leader of Learning and Curriculum Ms Georgina Tsiftsis
Leader of Learning and Innovation Ms Daniela Sestito
Campus Director Auburn Mr Andrew Laming
Campus Director Regents Park Mr Michael Hutchinson
Business Manager Mr Peter Chiandotto
Year 7 Mr Michael Perry / Ms Melissa Elters
Year 8 Mr Daniel Koleci / Ms Simone Pratelli
Year 9 Mr Adam Baeta / Ms Sarah Bermingham
Year 10 Ms Jane Tzakos / Mr Brendan Quail
Year 11 Mr Brendan Boidin / Ms Moni Bronk
Year 12 Mr Steven Turley / Ms Melissa Emmi
Religious Education Mr John Coppola / Sr Cecilia Joseph
English Stage 6 – Ms Monica Askilov

Stage 5 – Mr Bill Howard

Stage 4 – Mrs Melissa Elters

HSIE Ms Sarah Elia / Ms Rhona Morath / Mr Michael Perry
Mathematics Ms Suzan Narouz / Ms Daniela De Leo
Science Mr Joe Collins / Mrs Belinda Kyriazopoulos
Creative Arts Ms Trinite Colette / Mr David Sant
TAS Mr Justin Kirk / Ms Lucy Bragg
PDHPE Ms Melissa Alamango / Ms Simone Pratelli
Counsellor Mr Daryl Santiago (AUB)
Counsellor Ms. Laura King (RP)
General Coordinator Auburn Mr Malcolm Chambers
General Coordinator Regents Park Mr Fred Azar
Youth Ministry Coordinator Mr Vincent Samuel
REMAR/ Game Changers Coordinator Mr Anto Nikolic
Diverse Learning Coordinator Ms Nadeen Hawli
Newman Selective Education Coordinator Ms Daniela Sestito
VET Coordinator Ms. Rhona Morath
Library and Information Services Coordinator Ms Maria Tipaldo
ICT Coordinator Ms Theodora Charamboulos
Sports Coordinator Ms Laura Duncan (Acting)
Assistant Sports Coordinators Mr Nathan Lomas
Careers Advisor Mr Anthony Boccanfuso
EAL/D teacher in charge Ms Anne Stephens
Languages teacher in charge Mr Michael Portelli
Literacy Stage 4 teacher in charge Ms Natalie Stafford
Numeracy/Literacy Stage 5/6 TIC Mr Sid Naim
SRC teacher in charge Ms Melissa Emmi
Indigenous Support Teacher Ms Sharee-Louise Smith
Sr Cecilia Joseph OP Sr Susanna Edmonds OP